dipped shortbread and a giveaway

Don’t you hate it when you have plans to bake and/or give cookies but never quite find the time?

Me too. Yes, it happens to me. Today it did not, and I managed to do a lot a ton before 8am. But, those days happen to me only about 3 times a year….

So, today being the official start of crunch week in anticipation of the upcoming holiday(s) I decided to give y’all a recipe to fool your friends and co-workers into thinking you’re “all Martha”.

So, go on and get all “Martha” (sorta.)

I like to consider myself the dollar store Martha. Hey, that may be an idea….

Martha is cool. She just has a lot more time than myself.


Got 10 minutes?

You can do these:

oh yes- and don’t they look all festive and pretty?

Get a box of these:

Walkers shortbread highlanders.  Yeah. That’s the Rolls Royce of shortbread…

Now, melt some chocolate. I used white and dark, because I’m a little bit Martha.

Remember how to melt it?

Ideally, you want to melt it slowly over a double boiler. But, I know you don’t have the time today for that…

So, use the microwave. But, do it at 15-20 second intervals. Stirring in between.

Watch that chocolate…

It can seize up on you if you don’t melt it carefully.

Get your sprinkles out. Dip, sprinkle. Dip, sprinkle.

I ended up spreading the dark chocolate… it started to get thick on me.

allow them to cool and set, then go get a nice tin from the dollar store (insert hearts) and you have the perfect little thing to take to the office party/friends house/mailman/teacher/fill in the blank.

They will say “Wow, I didn’t know you baked!”

Wink, wink…. I won’t tell. 😉


The sweet folks at Walkers supplied me with an assortment of shortbread to “play with” and I’d like to share some with you. To enter, simply answer this question at the comment section at the end of this post.

What was the best gift you ever received?

Was it the dollhouse when you were 5?

The diamond when you were 50?

How about the macaroni necklace from your little one?

I’m waiting on one of those…. they’re cool.

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