a fun random post

a fun random post~ five things you didn’t know about me

You know, sometimes I don’t cook. Really. Sometimes I want to just have a no-cook night. That’s when I inventory every edible thing in the fridge.

Last night we ended up with pork fajitas because of the inventory.I know, most people just order a pizza or go out, but I happen to be one of those species of humans that are financially challenged.  So, we usually don’t have too much extra loot to spend that way.  I’m sure some of y’all can relate… 😉

Things  like that happen. There’s one thing I betcha didn’t know…

There’s other things, too… for instance…

I drive home to this and guess what? Not a drop of rain. I get excited before it rains. Then after it rains I go on a walk to rescue the snails on the sidewalk so that they don’t get stepped on. There was no snail rescue this day. 🙁

I drive by this & instantly have to “instagram-ize” it up, so it looks like a snapshot from my childhood. Then I imagine picking my house up and living in this instead. Then, I start wondering why houses are so plain. How come we don’t do them up like miniature castles and gingerbread houses? Who cares if they’re small? Why can’t we have stained glass windows in our homes? And brightly colored candy-cane inspired fences?

Why aren’t there more tree houses?

Of course, all of these are completely usual random thoughts for me. I wonder weird stuff sometimes.

Did you know that I have a dog that says  “cheese!” ?

Now you do.

This is my favorite hot sauce. My hubby prefers Franks.

I also put ketchup on my rice and wonder why they don’t make ketchup flavored potato chips. Maybe they do…

There you have it.  🙂

Of course there will be food tomorrow… either seafood or a baked good. It depends on if I have enough flour, to be honest.  I’m pretty sure I do… but I don’t want to get up and look at the moment. I know you understand. 😉





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