image   I try to take 10,000 steps a day.  there are days when it’s an easy task. Then, there are other days where each step is a journey. Days when my patience is tested, I grow weary and weak from the challenges and obstacles that lay in the path of life.

You see, it’s not only in the physical steps that we move forward. It’s in the spiritual steps that we really get somewhere.

The days when you realize how you have moved beyond periods of life, or the days when you realize that you haven’t.

I have crushing days, days filled with drama, sadness, illness and heartache. Days where I feel that the steps I made have been washed away from the shore of life… I spent 8 years raising a (now recovered) drug addict’s daughter. And in one remarkable swoosh of a wave, everything I did evaporated in the grasps of her biological mother.  Like seeing a  crisp clean wave break through the depth of the dark ocean, the destruction of the element is  always apparent in the aftermath.

So, I step forward and get used to a new normal, a smaller family with one less place at the dinner table. I get used to walking past an untouched room… and I keep walking.

Accumulating steps, and lessons in between. Would I have trekked differently if I knew the destination?


Because I have not made it there yet. This is just a road block. Construction is underway on the road of life and I have the choice to sit and wait, stew and stomp my feet and go nowhere.


I can continue. Keep the journey going and enjoy the sights of life, with or without whoever chooses to walk along my side.

I chose to take my steps.

I chose to embrace even the most difficult terrain, because I know that the construction crew God uses in my road is for His road, and His path.

Chances are, there may have been a huge sinkhole He had to fill.

So, take your steps and enjoy your journey. Embrace the road blocks and detours, and know that something far greater is at work, and something far beyond our expectations  lie at the end of our paths.