what went wrong!

I tried to invent a recipe yesterday. It involved a filling that was really tasty; but I made and filled too much… which means: It oozed everywhere. My counter, baking pan, knife and hands were covered in a sweet, sticky ooze.

About this same time, my husband is texting me how he feels nauseated, lightheaded and his chest hurts.

I’m freaking out.

And, why are men so stubborn and refuse to get checked out? To stress their wives, I am sure.


I’m not a doctor, but sounds pretty bad. I’m praying, panicking and worrying all in one. I begin to wonder what the future holds. I start to think of mortality and what it must be like for my parents (age 80 & 74) what it must be like to have that feeling everyday.

(Turns, out… it was heat exhaustion, by the way.)


About this same time, some people come to my door, and… I always try to always be nice to them, take their literature and thank them, etc… then they told me that satan rules the earth.

Now, I’m really freaking out.

Sure, there are a ton of evil forces… and I totally agree that a lot of evil is at work. But, let’s not go there and give the title of “ruler of the earth” to satan. Seriously?! That’s like saying the bad guy won. And, personally- I think there is a lot more good in the world… you just have to look for it.  And, seriously, why is spell-check suggesting I capitalize satan? Hmmm.  Sorry, spellcheck. gonna ignore ya on that one.


Anyway, that’s why I don’t have a recipe today. Yesterday just had too much “stuff”.


I’ll have something fun tomorrow! 🙂


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