weekend adventure

So over the weekend we had the chance to see our favorite band– in which case if you haven’t heard them… well- go hear them now, that way you will be one of the first of your friends to be hip. 😉

They played a fundraiser at little place called Surf Cafe, and if you go to their website, they have a drool-worthy photo of a sandwich…and, being a food photographer picture-taker- I can appreciate a good food pic.  Anyway… it was a fundraiser for Surfers For Autism– a local grass roots organization that it pretty self explanatory…and they do awesome things.

Hubby and I were thinking: cafe- okay,  we can bring our kid. Then when I walked in, I had a” Casey-moment”. It was a bar.

Oh boy, I thought… I’m mom of the year.

So… it wasn’t really a bar-bar. It was a cafe too. They had an outdoor patio and hula-hoops and bean bags, too. And, they gave her candy when we first walked in. So… I started to feel a bit better. Then we found “the parents” and all the other kids- you know how parents tend to group together? Yep. So I met a new mommy friend. Yay.

My little one made BFF with her little one and then they both made BFF with the lead singer. Man, I’m going to have issues when she’s 15.  She will be one of those girls that spend the night at Ticketmaster, you know to get really good seats. Wait. That was me. We have the Internet now for that. Whew.

I also brought my big ol’ food camera.  Hubby teased me about that, but I ended up with some neat pics. The one with the Tikki happened to be my fave, and yes, I intended for the people to be blurry. I know what I’m doing. Sometimes.

You know what else? My hubby got stupid drunk there, too. I should have known when he was dancing with me.

He doesn’t dance.

Then, I really realized he was drunk when he puked out my car window on I-95.

I apologize to all cars traveling beside and behind me. Hope you had windshield washer fluid. :/

Ugh. gross.

Subject change.

OOOOO! You know how my church has the cafe that has all the awesome food? Oh yeah… the cookies– that cake I want to make, and now- get ready- BLUEBERRY SCONES (that don’t taste like hockey pucks.) Actually, I have never had a hockey puck. I live in Florida. But I am sure they wouldn’t taste good either way.

These scones were freakin’ tast-tee! Crusty and fluffy. How’s that for a oxymoron? LOL. They were good. I really need to duplicate those this week.

So, that was my highlight of the weekend, seeing my favorite band and going to church. Oh yes, and I made some kick butt bread… but that’s another post. 😉




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