veggie stir fry

veggie stir fry

Attn. WINNERS: note for y’all at bottom of this post! We thought we had soccer player evaluations, (got post phoned) so I made this dinner early…

I met a chef while I was in Jamaica, he said if ya cut stir fry veggies this way, there is more surface ares for the sauce to adhere to…. he was right!

same for the peppers….

nice stale leftover rice….it has to be somewhat dry to soak up the sauce mixture, which is…..

soy sauce, sesame oil, bit of regular oil, powdered ginger, and hot oil. I sauteed the rice with dashed of all of those…then…..

I did the veggies separate (my wok is small) For them, I used the same mixture but added some cornstarch to thicken the sauce (mmm)

The finished meal. yum. nice for summer…nice for old rice….just nice. (heehee!)

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