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strawberry shortcake roll

Strawberry shortcake rollBelieve it or not, this was a partial fail recipe…you see.. I left it a bit too long to cool after I rolled it which equals the “lovely” flat bottom the “roll” has. Hey…isn’t there a Queen song about flat bottoms? Wait. Fat bottoms. Whoops. Hmmm that makes me think of Black Bottom Pie… ever hear of it? It’s got a chocolatey fudge bottom. Yum. But, that’s another post.

I’m pretty sure the song had nothing to do with pies, that’s just how my mind works. I can pretty much relate everything to food…

So, despite this roll’s “flat bottom”, it still tasted divine-Like a fluffy pink cloud at a bakery during sunset.  Clouds always look appetizing to me…I think that’s   because I love cotton candy so much.

Cake rolls are very retro, chances are you had a granny or a nana that could whip up a mean jelly roll for Sunday’s potluck. And, there is a reason they were so popular at one time- because they are just plain fun to make. Think about it: You get to roll up a cake! It’s the ultimate in “playing with food”.

Speaking of playing with food…

I used to like jello just so I could play with it… I loved how you could hold it and not get sticky, and how it would quiver like a strange alienistic space dessert. It’s a wonder Jello took off the way it did. Especially when you think of what it actually is….

Random food thoughts for the day.

imageTo make this, you’ll need a jelly roll pan, line it with parchment paper to prevent sticking…

imageWhile the cake is slightly warm, you wrap it in a clean dish towel that has been sprinkled with powdered sugar. Mmmm powdered sugar…

Allow it to cool (just don’t leave it 8 hours to cool like I did)

And, spread with filling:

imageI used fluffy homemade whipped cream…

(And fresh chopped strawberries mixed with strawberry jam.)

You can substitute any other fruit, but if you happen to use something other than strawberries, I’d suggest changing the name. You don’t want to mislead folks, you know.

Once it’s filled you roll it back up. It’s that easy. And, trust me.. the cake will want to curl back up with you. Jelly roll cakes are very obedient.

I hope you enjoy this! Here are a few more cake roll recipes:

Like this Boston Cream Cake Roll

boston rollSwiss cake Roll:

swiss cake roll

There is also a Buche de Noel on here, but we’ll save that for Christmas time. 🙂









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