fish main dish

sesame crusted tuna

as y’all know my hubby and I go fishing whenever we can… the sea was bountiful on Sunday, we caught several blackfin tuna and 1 skipjack tuna. I am the one that cleans the fish, as my hubby would rather wash the boat. It’s a messy job, but the reward is great!

first, I dipped the fillets in a mixture of beaten egg and ponzu sauce. Then rolled it in another mixture of panko bread crumbs, sesame seeds, and salt and pepper…

I cooked them quickly in a cast iron skillet with 3tbs of oil… maybe 3-4 min per side

They developed this yummy crust and the sesame seeds got all toasty…..

I served them with extra ponzu sauce for dipping. Now, you could do this same procedure with chicken- just cook it thoroughly!

….I wish I could share with you in person! It is so yummy!

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