sausage n peppers and other stories

Wellm I had a busy weekend… that’s why there were no posts. But… because of a comment left here by one of y’all- I got the most amazing deal. Yippee. Those are fun.

You see, I have been thinking about getting a little camcorder-to make more cooking goofy videos. I was back n forth, not wanting to spend my Foodbuzz money I have been trying to save. Then a simple comment from Pam made me go “look”.

I found one that I liked…they had one left in stock. I went to go pay and they were to pull it from the warehouse. I waited and waited. They brought one up. It wasn’t it. They sent me back to my salesman. My hubby texted me to “raise hell”.  I’m not much of a hell-raiser in public places so I declined his suggestion.

The salesman was so sweet and apologetic- but I thought for sure he would push me into a fancier (more expensive) unit. He told me the one they brought out was 60gb hard drive, high definition, 20x zoom, CMOS sensor, etc, etc. I’m thinking “Yeah, sounds great, but $$$$$$ .”  Then I asked  where  the floor model was…

That’s the thing. There wasn’t one. It was the previous model before the 80gb came out, and apparently they were have supposed to be gone. Retail price was $450-489.


How much for me?


Pay not to raise hell sometimes.

Now, once I figure out how to use it, I will have lots more fun-filled food videos. Ballsy. And fun.

Back to the weekend and food.

Italian fast. There was lots of food, loud music and people dressed like it was 40°F out. Floridians bring out the fur-lined stuff when the temp drops below 70°F. It’s kinda funny.

I climbed into a bright green dragon’s belly.

I think every booth was selling kabobs.

And sausage.

And Latin food. I know… it was called The Feast of Little Italy. Weird.

mmmm, arepas.

and Paella.

Now, for some homemade sausage and peppers:

I sliced up some sausage links (raw) and dusted them in flour….

and got them nice n golden….(these were 4 cheese sausages made by Johnsonville) mmmmm.

…then added peppers and onions to complete the dish.

Way simple. Not even a recipe. I know.

And, you didn’t need me or pictures to show you how to do it.

But…. maybe it gave you an idea for dinner tonight?

I also have some very cool news for y’all:

I am going to start cake decorating courses. And, the instructor said I can document it for this site.

It’s at this little bakery my hubby delivers to. Get this: It was HIS idea. I think he has great ideas. Especially when they involve cakes, butter-cream,gum paste, fondant, pastry making, sugar molding, and more. Oooo. I can’t wait.

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