Sounds delish, huh?

Well, that is was I needed to make to bring to my class. (tonight!!!!) 6 plain flat cookies.

Mmmm…. sugar cookies.

I can’t wait to coat these babies with  a layer of sugar -laden frosting.

I can’t wait to learn how to make those yummy roses.

And guess what? Y’all can come. Figuratively speaking, that is.

I got the “OKAY” to document all of it. 16 weeks of all the fancy stuff with cakes.

With a break in December…because everyone is busy in December. If you’re not, can you please be my personal assistant that month? I will pay you in cookies and cakes and truffles, too. 😉

So here is the before:

yawn. Quite boring looking don’t you think?

Let’s bake em:

wow. same. hmmm…..

they really need some clothes-of the frosting variety.

So, I haven’t only had cookies the past 24hrs.

I also made a kick-butt London broil…

and some mini quiches.

Unfortunately my time has lately been consisting of learning that camcorder and using video editing software. Ughhhh and arghhhh. I love technology sometimes. Like, when it’s easy.

This video endeavor has not been. Partially due to my own stubbornness. I know You-Tube uploads are cake. I have to go and try and get all Coppola and want to do more. Ugh. We don’t need dramatic cooking videos, I know. 🙂 But, wouldn’t you like something a little more fun?  I do. So…. I’m working obsessing on that.

As for tomorrow… I will give y’all “lesson one” from my class… along with my usual ramblings about this and that…with the occasional complaint about life’s mysteries…(why do dogs lick thier butts?)

That’s so gross.

Sorry. Don’t want to leave on that note.


Much better.