rum balls

These are my hubby’s favorite cookie candy treat. Since they’re not cooked, I don’t think they can be cookies or candy…he likes them so much, he bought a special snowman jar. Just for rum balls. The snowmen have round noses- my favorite, which made him think of me and rum balls, too I suppose.

I posted these sometime last year, but decided they needed a revisit- since they are soooo easy, no bake-man treat food.

Who am I kidding with “man-treat”? I love them. Think about it: the texture of cookie dough, and the flavor of buttered rum. Now we’re talking err- reading, I suppose.

Things to remember with these:

1) not for children ( I think it’s against the law…)

2) not for people in AA. (best to avoid booze)

3) Use good rum. If you wouldn’t drink it, why would you use it in food?

see the snowman container? Cute- huh?

OMGSH- I was cleaning (vacuuming) yesterday and I found a gift that I am assuming is for me…whoops. I didn’t SEE it, though.

Let’s hope I am not going to live out a scene in “Love Actually” this year…. you know, where the wife finds the necklace, thinks it’s hers… but he gave it to the office slut? Oh man, that was sad. Then they play this extra sad song during the scene…man those directors know how to get ya tearful.

Enough tears. Save em for onion chopping.

How’s caramelized onion and potato gratin sound?

Oh yeah…that’s coming. Mmmm.

Now! Rum balls.


Rum Balls

2 c vanilla wafers

1 c sugar

1/2 c chopped pecans

combine the above in a food processor and pulse until fine.


Add :

1/3 c butter, melted

1/4 c good rum (not clear)

1 tsp vanilla

Roll into balls- yes it’s a bit messy, I make 1/2″ balls.

Chill 3hrs, and roll in powdered sugar.

Store in a container in the fridge.

Now you have a reason to go buy a snowman jar…..


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