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This is a completely random post. Why? Because “organized me” has misplaced the recipe I jotted down for these:

chocolate-chunk cookie bars… I think it may be in my kitchen somewhere… or lost in the Sunday paper stack…such good deals out there for Labor day…

I am a bit disorganized because something happened-

Yep, she learned to ride-I have walked 500 miles in 2 days…not really, but sort of…

Since I walked so much- I craved more chocolate….this time it was chocolate malt sandwich cookies. Sounds good, huh? Yes. You betcha!

That there is the filling. Fluffy. Sweet. Oh yeah… don’t fret- that will be coming this week…

Now,  I also got busy with this:

Any guesses on what this could be? Well, it’s something my hubby didn’t want me to make-guess what? I did it anyway… (I am such a rebel) and guess what? He ate his words… literally.

We got a lemon tree from this guy:

Yes, they are chomping on some fresh tuna (sushi) caught a few hours earlier…

I made these on Friday. They sucked. Yes that’s harsh. But brain freeze is harsh and sucks, too.

Note to self: Frozen treats to bite must be softer than ice.

I never want y’all to go away empty handed- so I will tell ya this tip/trick/secret (my facebook friends learned it all ready..)

Perfect roasted potatoes:

dice up 4 medium potatoes, uniformly

add 3 TBS bottled ranch dressing

few dashes of salt n pepper

Roast at 425 for 35 minutes.

Crisp on the out and creamy in the middle….oooo. Roasted potatoes rock.

I apologize if this post was lame….sorry.

I will find that scrap of paper. It was from my “Pooh” notepad, and I used a black flair pen. (my fav)

I think there was a grocery list on the back, so I will have to check my purse…. hmmm. Need to clean out that anyway, and check my old lotto tickets floating in there. Even if I win, I will be back. Money won’t stop me from cooking. I will always cook- except maybe then I will have a real dishwasher that isn’t human. 🙂

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