Oh boy.

I don’t have a kick a** recipe today. Because I was sick and didn’t cook/bake do much of anything. Very lame.  But, I feel better and still feel like writing typing something…how about random thoughts? Those can always be amusing.

For instance, I got some beautiful lilies from my mama yesterday…my husband came home and asked “What smells like burnt rubber?”

Turns out, he doesn’t like the smell of them like I do. So they’re on the porch. Sometimes, it’s nicer not to hear people complain about things you like-so things have to go on the porch. Sometimes men don’t get it, like shopping being therapy.

And needing new shoes. Which I do, need. Black ones. Hmmm.

My old ones are on the porch, too.

They ought to make dog beds for dogs that snore. So that it absorbs the noise, or puts their heads at the right angle or something. My dog is really loud right now. But, I won’t put him on the porch. He’s happy.


I need to comment on more blogs. I’m really bad at that. I love to get comments, but I am really bad at giving them. Mainly because I sometimes end up writing a paragraph. I’m not fast at typing, either. So… I start commenting and then it’s noon. That’s bad news. I need to figure how to get to the point. But I hate writing the generic terms. Hmmm. Maybe I could just write some old school graffiti like, “I wuz here”. Na, that’s not cool, either. Or maybe it would make someone laugh? Na, I’d be spammed I bet. How come spam is called spam? I wonder if our kids will think that the canned meat product is named after the other spam? When really a computer term is named after the “product”.  And, how did it get so big in Hawaii? My husband lived in Hawaii for a while as a kid. Spam is HUGE there.

Want me to do a post on spam?

Na, me either.

I need to do something with the cooking creme in my fridge.

I also need to make some more videos. Those are fun, but… they’re still a lot of work. I need to figure how to convert *%$# files to something that uploads smoother. Technical crap. Grrr.

Did you know this blog is almost 2? I am so proud of my toddler-blog.

Did you also know I am saving up to re-vamp it? Oh yes! All new and improved but with the same calories!

Seriously, I am looking into re-vamping it- with thumbnail images to search through, and more “pages” I can update daily, like the main one- but with different topics. Yeah, kinda like PW- but not really. Because…honestly… I don’t have that much going on. I wish I had livestock in my backyard. But I don’t-I just have turtles. I’m thinking of getting some hens, though. I don’t think I am allowed. But, I am all about “don’t ask, don’t tell” when it comes to backyard hens.  😉

That would be fun.

I have issues with animals.

I love having them, they are such nice company.

Even loud snoring dogs.