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To be honest, sometimes I will cook/bake something, take pictures and then, well..it never make it here. Either it’s because the pictures didn’t come out right, or I forgot to write the recipe down, or something better just came along…This morning I was about to post my jalapeno jelly I made on Monday… but I also realize that most people don’t can.  Not to say I won’t be posting it, because I do know that some of y’all can do home preserving. So, I will share that with  my fellow canner-people nonetheless.

Today,  as I was preparing for the jelly post, I realized I have a lot on the “cutting-room floor”- instead of leaving the images to get lost in the vast space of a hard drive- I decided to share them with all of you. It’s total randomness…

Jalapeno poppers. I got a deep fryer and finally figured how to keep them from sticking to the basket. How? Drain the excess batter,(see the batter blob?) then roll in bread crumbs.

Nice steak, but what’s that finger-nail shaped white spot? Ewww. No, it’s not a nail, its a shred of cheese that somehow didn’t make it on the potato. So much for the marinade step by steps, when the entree looks like that…

I see this sight a lot during my day…for the past ten years, in fact. He’s my 1st “little dog”.

White chocolate truffles…look good, tasted too soft and sweet. I didn’t want to give y’all a recipe that sucked…no matter how “good” they looked.

Grilled pineapple slices topped with Canadian bacon and Swiss cheese. The charred spots that wound up on the cheese bothered me. It looks like dirt. Eww.

Mmm, Yorkshire pudding. Or, popovers. I made this Christmas night-it just seems like a dish to post during the holidays…

Brisket with caramelized onions. I totally forgot to take one pic, until we sat down to eat. Whoops.

That’s my random display of a few of the pics that need to be deleted from my computer…there’s tons more, but I know y’all would rather have something tasty to make. I would, too.

Today, at the request of my dear Facebook friends, I’m going to work on chocolate chip cookies, white chocolate brownies and honey mustard sauce. No, the cookies and brownies and sauce are all separate. That would be gross if they were together. Ewww.

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