polenta pizzas

These look like they took all day, but actually they can be made in under 20 minutes. Perfect for when you start hanging out with the neighbors and everyone gets hungry.

You can just keep the ingredients on hand and you’re set for instant snack tray. Gotta love that, right?

Now, as for ingredients, the recipe calls for some of that pre=made polenta. It looks and feels like a rubber tube shaped ball, but I assure you it doesn’t taste like that. It’s just the packaging. You could also use homemade polenta, but that also means you’re going to be cooking a lot longer. Just warning you. 😉

I used the tube:

All you have to do is slice it up, bake it for a few and then top it with some roasted red peppers, pesto, artichoke hearts, and Italian cheese.

Can you almost smell it?!

These are perfect to make up when you get told to bring an appetizer to an event. Much better than a bag of chips. You’ll get lots of brownie points with these. Think: PTA meeting and office holiday parties are right around the corner! (So is Thanksgiving…yum!)

For the recipe that’s all ready to print, head over here: Polenta Pizzas


A special thanks to Sargento foods for allowing me to share this recipe & sponsor this post.

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