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I’m a fan of desserts that you don’t have to dirty dishes to eat. Ones you can grab with a napkin and nibble on as your favorite Charlie Brown special is on the T.V.

Yes, Charlie Brown. He’s the man.

I’m also a fan of buttery pecans in a caramel base with just a hint of bourbon. Because, when you bake.. booze makes it better -in certain things: Rum in Banana Bread, Bourbon in Pecan bars. The alcohol bakes out, and all that’s left is a hint of a rich buttery unexplainable flavor. It’s divine. You may wonder if I had a bit of booze while preparing the dish… (in homage to Julia Child) but, nope. I do most of my baking in the wee hours of the morning, usually between 5 and 7am.  If I were to bake on a Friday night… that would be another post. I’d probably burn something, drinking and baking.

The bourbon I used was Four Roses bourbon… and in case you’re wondering if it really matters what kind you use when you bake… it does. Cheap liquor lacks the depth and flavor, and that’s what you want in the recipe. So.. don’t skimp. 😉


In addition, most boozy recipes only call for a small amount, so you can splurge on a little bottle without spending a fortune… I have a big bottle, because I am going to make a lot of recipes in the coming weeks.

As most of my American readers know: Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Heck, it’s not even around the corner- because “around the corner” to me is more like “the next page on the calendar” Thanksgiving is really close. Make these now and freeze them, that way you can still claim “homemade”.

(Wink, wink)

Pecan Pie Bar Recipe

Even better than that woman’s pies. You know, the lady that married Mr. Smith….

I had a bit of a dilemma in getting a good rectangular pie crust. My solution: Roll it out on the base of the dish. Like this:

_DSC0031That was in process, you want to roll it about 2″larger than the base.


Pecan Pie Bar Recipe

Note: I was supplied Four Roses Bourbon to assist in making this post, however opinions are my own and no monetary compensation was exchanged.


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