braided cheese bread

You have to make this. Even if you say “I’m not the baking type” or, “I can’t make that” trust me: You can. Another thing? It uses hot roll mix. Bam! It just got even easier.

You know how I love hot roll mix… caramel apple cinnamon rolls, blueberry rolls, pina colada rolls..

So, when I found this treasure of a recipe for braided cheese bread I was thrilled to see it used one of my favorite “almost homemade” staples. And, as far as the whole braiding thing goes? It’s easier than braiding a kids’ hair. (Maybe because it stays still?)

Another awesome thing about this bread is that it also has mustard in it. And… the combination of melted Swiss and mustard? Ooooo let me tell you, it works.

Anyway, before I go on- I’m terribly distracted today. You know how I go a bit crazy when I lose something? And, I can’t concentrate until I find it? Well, yesterday one of my tortoises escaped. I’m hoping he’s somewhere in the back yard, but there are areas where the fence is not as secure that he may have escaped through. So, as I type this I keep peering out the window in hopes to see the little guy cruising around. But, not yet. 🙁  So, if you could say a prayer for him to show up before it starts to get too chilly out.

Back to the cheese bread:

Like I stated earlier, this bread is brushed with a mustard-herb mixture and then it’s covered with shredded Swiss cheese and cheddar cheese, then you seal the portions up and braid them together.

Then, you brush it with a beaten egg and bake it.  See! I told you that you could do it. 🙂

The complete (and ready to print recipe is found here: Braided Cheese Bread

I hope you try it. Total keeper recipe.

A special thank you to Sargento Foods who sponsored this post.

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