October 1st!

Wow… I have to fix the typos spellcheck missed! This little guy is from the 50s. He hung around my childhood every October, and now he hangs around with my kids. My mom gave him to me after my sister and I moved out. (She got one, too) I thought you’d like to see his bright little face wishing y’all a happy October 1st.
As a side note, all giveaway items are going out tomorrow and there will be a new “fall” giveaway coming next week. (Along with the new site, I hope….!) Please be sure and check thedomesticmama.blogspot if the .com site is not found. (Don’t want my friends getting lost, ya know!) Today’s post is not very fall-like. It’s still about 85here. But I have my pumpkin guy out, at least!

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