As much as I wanted to make all the yummy treats for y’all to have BEFORE Thanksgiving, I simply couldn’t get around to doing that. ( Can you blame me?) So, look at it this way: next Thanksgiving, I can post everything  for y’all to make for Thanksgiving. Here is a sneak peek, however!

nov2009 087

this is my turkey brine, it’s an adaptation of Alton Brown’s…

nov2009 086

homemade cornbread and sage stuffing…

nov2009 126

my grandmother’s biscuits…

nov2009 127

hash brown casserole

nov2009 137

baby cherry tarts

nov2009 155

sweet potato pie…

I hope all of y’all had a wonderful holiday~ I have my camera back so I FINALLY have things to post all week! (yay!) so… who all did black Friday? I went to the toy store at 3:30am, then Walmart, then Target, then Kmart, then Walmart again… I got the girls done.. now it’s time for the grown ups. (that’s where I try to do the gifts they’ll remember next year..) So, now it’s off to the craft store.  Ugh, I feel like such a consumer/capitalist this time of year sometimes!  🙂