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For those of you that follow me on Instagram and the other social media sites, you have probably seen a lot of tasty looking photos show up, but they never seem to appear here. No… it’s not that I don’t still love all of y’all…. I do. I just so happened to get a cool little gig developing recipes for Florida Dairy Farmers. Which, is awesome because I’m a Florida native and I still reside in my home state. So, anything Florida based makes me all fuzzy. Add some cows, milk, yogurt and cheese you have a match made in heaven.

Currently, Florida Dairy Farmers are vamping up the recipe portion of their site featuring many of my recipes and photographs. One of my favorites is the Cinnamon Rolls with Vanilla Greek Yogurt Frosting….


There’s also a divine breakfast pizza that makes a perfect heat n go breakfast all week long. (Trust me, I ate it for weeks while testing the recipe!) There are some healthy wraps with a spicy yogurt spread that’s perfect with crisp veggies. Trust me, you’ll have to head over to their site to see all the rest.

Another fun part about this job was the ability to do a photo shoot without the client there. Thanks to the beauty of modern technology and the fact that iPhones transmit accurate images, I was able to do test set ups and switch props and plates and bowls as needed.

This was one of the sample set ups from the breakfast pizza.  Yum. You have got to try it…. but if you’re more in the mood for lunch and dinner items, there’s some savory soup and dinner ideas as well.

All of the recipes can be found by clicking this link: Florida Milk Recipes

I’d like to extend a huge THANK YOU to the nice folks at Florida Dairy Farmers for allowing me the opportunity to work with them, and sharing my recipe creations with the world.

And, thank you, to all  my readers who are always there cheering me on, your support is awesome. I hope you enjoy the recipes as much as I did.




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