Mexican beef casserole

Oh my.. I love finding new “keepers” to add to the rotation of 15 or so dishes I make on a “usual” basis. I’m sure you’re the same. Dinners are a lot like outfits…we always seem to have our favorites that we wear at least once a week. Dinners are like that, too…you know?Okay.. I know we don’t wear food-anyways…..

Guess what I finally (almost) watched? Julie ad Julia. I say finally because people have been asking me if I saw it ever since I started this blog. Ialso saw finally because I got it from the library over a week ago…and get this- I stayed up late to watch it. Because, usually soon as my noggin hits the pillow- I’m out. Sometimes that’s a nuisance. I never get to watch T.V. So,I watched it- (almost) I say almost because the hubby woke up and started groaning to turn it off, blah blah. There wasn’t an option for me to finish it anywhere else…bummer. Hoping to finish it today, return it to the library and pay my overdue fines.

By the way….

It is a awesome movie, so far. Especially if you’re a foodie.

Alrighty now! Casserole.  I love casseroles. Whenever I make them I feel so 50’s. So June Cleaver. I need to bring out my grandmother’s pearls. No, really… I want to find those. I think they’re in my fire box. I think….yep,I have one of those fire proof boxes. I get paranoid sometimes.  One of my fears is fires. Now you know something new about me.

So, I got this email from Sargento -yes- the cheese folks. Which, tickled me- because I am always amazed when some big company “finds” me.  Then, it made me chuckle in the email when they explained who they were…. I mean, who hasn’t heard of Sargento?! Yum. So, they asked me if I wanted to feature one of thier recipes on my blog. And,  guess what I said?

You guys are so smart.

I picked this recipe because it looked like one of those “yay-I-have-everything-I-need-to-maker-this-in-my-pantry” and I know you guys love those.  If you check out their website, Sargento has a ton more- breakfast, lunch,classics, Italian, Mexican,and oh yes…desserts. I already have a list going.

Mexican Beef Casserole was my 1st choice.

Now, I added black olives to the top of mine… that was “aunt flo’s” request. 😉

In the directions, it says to tear up 4 corn tortillas and line them on the bottom of a 9×13 dish. I’m assuming it should look like this:

easy,huh? Then you place your beef mixture and green chilies on top… next, you tear up some more tortillas…

ant place those tortillas on top of the meatand, there’s cheese under there, too and on top. I used (of course) Sargento I used both the cheddar and a Mexican blend that they make.

I used this cheddar cheese in between the layers, and the Mexican blend on top. Yum….

I love melted cheese.

The recipe suggests serving with shredded lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream on top…but, I happen to be an “on the side” person, that’s why my plate is like that.

For the recipe, and TONS more- be sure and go poke around here. And, you can bet I will be making more.

* a few additions and suggestions- when browning the meat, add some cumin and garlic and pepper… about a teaspoon of each…Jalapenos and olives would be tasty on top-I just did the olives, since there were young-uns eating it.;)

** A big thank you to Sargento for compensating me for my time and energy in making this post happen. 🙂

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