macarons… and other first times

So, I have always wanted to try my hand at macarons, (not to be confused with coconut macaroons) and after seeing Bakerella blogging about the class she took with Tartelette I got this crazy notion to give it a whirl. I made plain ones with a pink buttercream filling. How did they come out? EEEHH.  First of all I didn’t have almond meal- and trusted my Cuisinart to do the job, I think my blade is dull in it- because it did a very poor job. Second, I needed a #807 or 809 tip for my pastry bag. Didn’t have that either, so I just used the largest tip I had. (don’t try this at home, kids!) So, my macarons came out a bit coarse from the almonds and too flat from the lack of the proper tip. Now, I found a delightful recipe in my collection for strawberry macarons- if I start practicing more now they just may work for valentines day!

But, I will show you how they looked.  Ehh.

as for the other first times?  yesterday was also the first time I took a pic of my fridge. COOL, huh? (bad joke.)

I made some homemade yogurt earlier in the week- That’s the glass jars. I was going to post that but I understand that not everyone has a yogurt maker- and not everyone has my addiction to weird appliances.  But, if you do, let me know!

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