Key lime macarons

Okay, I know I have been promising some down home “make every week” sort of things, but… I made these and simply had to add them to this weeks’ lineup. Macarons make such pretty food models, don’t ya think?

And, macarons are so fun to make. Oh! Guess what? I had this crazy dream- I was in this competitive cooking challenge. I was asked to create a dessert. (yay, me!) And, somehow one of my ingredients was unavailable,(I think it was some Latin sugar…) so I had to make up something else on zero notice. So I told the judge “mocha sandwich cookies filled with salted caramel creme” Then she replied, “And the after-dinner drink?” I was dumbfounded. (in the dream)  I said: “Espresso and earl grey tea since my mom is here.” The judge scowled at me, and said: “Don’t you remember?????? I only drink MOCHA!!!!”  Then I woke up. So, what’s that all mean? Will she not EAT mocha cookies or will she only drink mocha coffee? Weird. I like my dream cookie, though. That’s what I will name it, too. Dream cookies. Do you like?


You want to hear something strange? Food photography is really hard. Sure, food just sits there- bit with improper lighting it can look unappetizing. You don’t have to worry about that with nature.  Nature is hard, too. I love macro bug shots. That’s my other “thing” . That’s really hard….but at least you don’t have to make bugs look appetizing.

At least not in the States….

cast of characters, almond meal, powdered sugar, sugar…oh yes and aged egg whites. (not pictured)

The perfect macaron size is “vanilla-wafer” , and- you can’t really tell..these were tinted green.

I zest-ed some lime on top to emphasize the green… didn’t want anyone to think I aged my egg whites too long, you know!

This is the only food I know that has “feet”. That’s what “they” call the little edges at the base.

Here are my models, waiting patiently to be chosen.

I ate two last night. Do you think that may have influenced my dream?

Here’s the recipe:

(from Tartelette)

for step by step pics/tips go here

3 egg whites aged at room temp for 2-3 days

Beat in a mixer until foamy. Then add 3 tbs sugar, one at a time.

Continue beating until it is like shaving cream.

Fold in with a spatula:

200 gr powdered sugar

110 gr almond flour or meal. * shift both together before adding to the eggs-or better yet pulse a few times in a processor.

Pipe out onto parchment in vanilla wafer sized circles.

Allow to sit 1 hour.

Bake at 300°F 18-20 minutes, allow to cool before removing.

Fill with

“Key Lime Ganache”

Over a double boiler, melt:

6 oz white chocolate

1 tbs butter

1/2 c heavy cream

when it’s smooth and melted add in 2 tbs key lime juice.

Store in fridge overnight, bring to room temp before filling cookies.

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