keeping it real oatmeal raisin butterscotch cookie

That is the longest title ever. Don’t you think? So glad there is “copy n paste”, for when I “pimp” my blog out on social networking sites. Otherwise, I would have very sore fingers.

Were you guys expecting a Texas post? That’s coming…. but seriously, the past two posts haven’t had &$#* for recipes, and that’s kind of lame. You need something to “take home”.

This recipe? Yes, you can make it, it’s good. It’s yummy. I previously stated that they sucked, but… they’re tasty.

Personally I am going to tweak it just a bit. It didn’t meet my expectations. It was a good date, but not marriage material, you know…

Not that we marry cookies.

So since Texas…. ) I have wanted to do a  video. ( Just because…)then! poof!  in my head came the idea to do a Keepin’ it real cooking series.

Maybe all that make up and bright lights made me want to do the opposite when I came home? No. Maybe I can’t afford a $100,000 camera crew? Yes.

Damn it. I don’t even have a make up artist. So, excuse the pasty-ruddy-tired looking mama. Enjoy the ramble. Blah, blah,blah…:)

The part where I am directly under the light is harsh feel free to look away.

But, either way… I had fun doing it. I’m a bit weird like that I suppose….


Now… the recipe? I am going to try it one more time…with a few changes. I don’t want to pass out good recipes. Just great ones, you know what I mean. Give me a day or two to share these cookies with the masses and then I’ll bake new and improved ones. Idea?

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