icing flowers

So, you guys know I have been taking a few courses and lately, it’s been all flowers. Very girly.

But fun.

I really need to make cupcakes or something to stick these on.

They’re made with royal icing, and that means they keep forever once they’re dry. How cool. Heck, I could do up some slice n bake cookies and attach these with a blob of frosting for instant elegance. Woo-hoo.

And, yes…you can do this too. It’s all in using the right tip,technique, and pressure.

Really…It sounds harder. Okay, the roses can be a challenge.

these are way super easy. Think: cutter, and place in a mold. With these, it’s just having the supplies. they are made with gum paste, which hardens into a ceramic-like texture…and unfortunately..tastes like it. But… I betcha you could use the cutter with fondant, and it would taste much better.

Go poke around your local bakery supply or craft store. That’s good therapy.

If anything, it will get your creative juices flowing. And don’t say…”I’m not creative” truth is, everyone’s individuality is what makes them creative. So, you might think your flower doesn’t look as pretty as the bakery’s …when really it is. Because of it’s character.  It’s food art.

some things take a lot of practice. Check out my mishap roses. Yum.

Guess what? I have stuffed shells for y’all wanting something savory…but that’s later… maybe today, perhaps tomorrow.

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