ice cream sandwiches

What happens when you go out of town for the weekend and leave your cookies behind? You know the ones- the chewy lime sugar cookies? Yep, they weren’t so chewy anymore. I am not a fan of crisp cookies. Unless they are macarons, which are crisp and chewy…but, that’s another post.

So I came home to stale cookies…

I made ice cream sandwiches.

Do you need a recipe?

It’s easy. Soften some ice cram and stick it between two cookies. I know-genius. I didn’t think of it, though. I’m sure you know that. If I told you I invented them would you believe me? Didn’t think so.

I have, however been very busy inventing “things”. See, I am in the “Real Women of Philadelphia” cream cheese recipe contest. Anyone can enter- and it’s a whole big “sisterhood” of food lovers there. As I was saying … I invented a few new items for the contest. I am waiting to share them here, because I am not sure if I am permitted to yet. But, I will share the “food porn” with y’all.

Check out my fancy-schmancy drizzle- I was feeling very “Jackson Pollock”

This was dinner last night. OMG so good. Easy. Less than 10 ingredients. Another keeper, I promise.

But, I am done for now with “un-postable” recipes.

Today I will be making something the will appeal to the masses. Curious?

No oven required.


You’ll see…… have an awesome day.

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