homemade cracked conch

homemade cracked conch~

Some of you may remember some Instagram pics I shared where my hubby came home with a bounty of assorted seafood; conch, lobster, fresh snapper and yellowfin tuna. (I know, I was a lucky girl that day.)

For those of you that have never heard of conch, or tried it- I’ll explain it the best I can. That way, when you’re on a tropical vacation and you see it on the menu… you’ll think of me.  🙂

It’s  like a giant lobster-flavored fried shrimp.

Does that make sense?

However, I will warn you- it takes some work to create tender conch. You have to pound it out to tenderize it. But, hey- that’s a good arm workout anyway. I love making foods that burn the calories off in preparation. Like kneading bread. Whoa… that’s good for the biceps. Pounding meat… another one.  Speaking of pounding meat… I don’t own one of those shiny meat pounder-mallet gizmos.  I use my tiny cast iron skillet and a double strength zip top freezer bag.

Works like a charm! Hmmm, where did that expression come from? I know you understand its’ meaning, but to someone unfamiliar with English sayings- well, they may ponder a bit. So, I’ll have to rephrase.

The two items, in combination are an effective and inexpensive way to prepare meat that needs to be pounded thin for tenderness and/ or desired thinness.

Note photo illustration:

Sometimes, there’s no need for fancy equipment.

Another word about conch:

They have the most gorgeous shell… It’s like a sunset in there.

Back to the recipe:

If you happen to be blessed with some fresh conch, the first thing to do it cut off any orange flesh. It’s too tough. No pounding will make it tender. And, I know it looks pretty nasty in this state… but man- it smelled so good. Clean ocean good smell. Ahhhh.

See the orange parts?

Okay… now place your conch in a bag and pound pound pound… it’s really not that hard. Once it seems like it may fall apart, it’s perfect. Rub a little lime juice on it.

Next you dredge it in cornstarch, then in one beaten egg and finally some seasoned Panko crumbs. (I seasoned mine with salt and pepper)

Next, you fry it in oil that has been heated to 375, it only takes a few minutes…

In the Bahamas cracked conch is served with a dipping sauce that is 50% ketchup and 50% mayonnaise. I know… total elementary-school-cafeteria sauce, right?! Who didn’t mix their condiments in school?


I hope you get a chance to try (or even make) cracked conch one day.  If it’s fresh and prepared properly, it’s divine.

Enjoy! Love, MK

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  2. Philip Fortman says:

    Thank you for informing people about skinning the orange outer layer off fresh conch. I only shake my head when people say Queen Conch is rubbery and tough. Now the photo where you say “I know it looks pretty nasty” is where I say step aside and let me at it. People miss all the flavor of conch by frying that sweet meat. A slice of lime is all that’s needed for each delicious slice. Chopped with lime juce, a little pepper, celery and onion is as far as I want to go in preparing that delicious mollusc.

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