fresh pasta

First of all, fresh pasta takes time. Allow yourself about an hour and seventeen minutes. Second, you will be glad if you have a pasta maker to work the dough-so when you see one at Marshalls or Ross or TJ Maxx. Go ahead, get it.  You’ll be glad. They have ’em, too- I just saw one for (!) under 19 dollars! 🙂

I wasn’t sure about the whole drying thing- dry them flat or in little nests? Or dry them at all? So…I did all three. I expiremented so you don’t have to.

fresh pasta is sooooo simple. eggs ,flour and a bit of salt- next batch I am going to go gourmet and add some herbs and garlic.

It can be done by hand, also….just takes time.

4 eggs, 3 c flour and a tsp salt. Knead until it looks like this and let it rest for 15 minutes.

there is where the pasta machine is handy….

now, if you want to cook it for dinner that evening, cover your pasta with a damp towel and boil it in salted water for just 3-4 minutes. If you want it say, next Tuesday…allow it to dry 8 hrs or overnight. The best way to do that is by placing a oven rack on 2 mixing bowl, and lay the pasta flat on top to dry. After is has dried, you may place it in zip top bags for later use.

Fresh pasta is not a convenience food item, as boxed pasta is. When you eat fresh pasta and bite into it’s hearty homemade texture and flavor-you know you are eating something special. And then, you realize it was worth every moment of making it.

It’s a family affair. My oldest girl, my step-daughter is up wit her Me-maw for the summer; in case you were wondering…that’s why she’s not in the pasta pics. And, my little one seems to know when I am coking,,,so she keeps showing up. It’s real hard to not throw her into the food mix, especially if she’s helping.

If you decide to try this by hand, roll the dough thin- 1/8″ and cut it with a pizza cutter. Just a tip. Have an awesome day!

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