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As you all know, over the weekend I hopped in a car with someone I had never met before, to go meet up with some more people I had never met before. Sounds like fun, huh? Heck yes! Especially if they are all food bloggers. Because meeting food bloggers is super fun, because you don’t have to do all the explaining….they understand to wait to eat a few moments so you can “get that picture”. They know what a blog is. If you’re reading this, chances are you do too… ahh…no explaining.

Anyway, I hopped in a car with this gal, her noise machine and her green smoothies and her pillows. Isn’t it funny how when you love the person- you love their quirks, too?!

We were both hoarse Sunday night from gabbing. Total slumber party.

there was a little meet n greet Friday night…good food and tiny glasses of wine.  I suppose they were potion controlled, but sometimes you need extra… especially if you’re giddy.  I got really giddy when I finally got to meet someone that I admire and look up to:

Then, after I met her, I felt like she was my big sister of the blog world.  Then I started rambling. Oh boy…you know what wine does to me…

this was one of the appetizers alcohol soakers served: looks like cake, huh?

It’s Brie, and it was beautiful!

Then there was a creme brulee station:

you could pick your sugar and have the guy burn it, baby!

I didn’t try these:  but, they looked tasty. I was talking quite a bit. That happens. Especially if wine is involved.

Then, it was time to get to business. We were here to learn. So  don’t be hungover tomorrow. No, that’s not what she said. That’s what I said in my head.

The next day, it was a day of seminars… I got big brains. I got ideas. I made friends.

To start off there was a speech of food journalism by Jeff  Houck of the Tampa Tribune alongside Heather McPhearson of The Orlando Sentinel.

After that we got a motivating speech from Scott Hair, and some awesome tips from Jaden Hair, too- they are the brains behind Steamy Kitchen

Next, we got an awesome presentation from Lindsay, she and her husband run Purr Designs and also have a blog, Love and Olive Oil. She taught a lot on web design, and how to organize a blog so it’s reader friendly. I need to get on that. Pronto.

Then we got a primer on SEO from Peter Scott, the vice president of business development of Izea. Finally I got to learn how all that search engine stuff works.

After lunch, we all got to learn from one of the best food photographers out there, she even has a book now Plate to Pixel. I’m hoping I will get it for mama’s day. (hint.)

She did a live demo, too. Waaaay cool.

Can you tell who she is? One of the 1st blogs I ever read. One of the prettiest, too. She taught a photography seminar. I am  thrilled with what she taught. How cool. She did an awesome job in her segment- and she is sweet as can be. We had a dog talk, too. She has two. 🙂 In case you don’t know, it’s Helene Dujardin.

After her segment Dawn, from Wicked Good Dinner gave us pointers on writing for major publications, and how to get ourselves “out there”.

Finally there was Jaden, who had a intimate talk with us about anything and everything.

Now, aside from learning a ton, there were these:

They’re called swag bags- bags full of goodies for the attendees. I will show y’all what’s in it soon.

Saturday night, there was a wrap up party. I learned a lot there, too because I realize I get even chattier drinking cosmos.  Oh boy.

I think one of the best parts was finally meeting up with a lot of my cyber friends, and making new ones, too. There was AggieJoanTinaJulie“Binky”SuzieRachelleJaclyn , MerryRenee, and Maureen.

If you have a moment, be sure and check out some of their blogs.

And, I learned what an Ikea is. I am so hooked. Shopping. Child care and Swedish food.What’s not to love? I planned my mother’s day already. My adventure there is another post, along  with the cookbook I bought from there. Yay food!

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