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lemon curd

I have never been a fan of the name “lemon curd”… it sounds like something that went bad. Curd. Curdled. Ewww.  I’m not sure why this has never been renamed into something more appealing… like lemon bliss.

Which, is exactly what it is when you taste it: tart, sweet, refreshing, creamy ,cool ,and rich,buttery, lemon…. That sums it up.

DSC_0488Now: you may be thinking a few things right now:

It’s Fall, and lemons are spring & summer fare

What do you do with lemon curd?

It looks like pie filling

Where’s the pumpkin?

And, all of you are right. I made this over the summer, and I was in the middle of my slump, I thought making something bright and yellow and cheerful would get me “out of it”. Did it work? Briefly. Not long enough for me to take pictures, though.

Because it’s not food or cooking that will actually get you out of a slump. It’s great therapy, don’t get me wrong…but it’s not the “fix all”. The truth is, the only fix all is having faith and knowing that things will always change. A comforting thought when life seems miserable, but not so comforting when all is well in the world.

When all is well in the world, I find great discomfort in change.

When all is horrid, I embrace change.

Call me crazy.

Now: For the rest of the questions: Yes, it can be used as pie filling, you can also eat it out of a small dish (or bucket) with a spoon (or shovel), you can spread it on toast, or put it on ice cream… my favorite way to have it?

Spread on a slice of toasted pound cake, on my favorite blue floral plate.

DSC_0493Of course, you can also make it into Lemon Blueberry Tarts  

Or sandwich it into Whoopie Pies or Macarons.

The sky is the limit when you have a batch of curd lemon bliss in the fridge.

As far as Fall and Spice and pumpkin stuff?

It’s coming. Soon. Promise.



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