Chocolate mousse cups


I meant to post this last Spring.

I could be considered very late; or very early for this Spring. Or Valentine’s day… yep, I’m right on time for Valentine’s day. Speaking of Valentines….

Mousse is the perfect Valentine’s dessert.  It’s “Valentine’s food” … what’s “Valentine’s Food” , you ask?  Oh… you know… romantic food,

Like spaghetti : (Think, Lady And The Tramp) A dinner on a quiet patio beneath the stars, candle wax dripping onto a basket wrapped Chianti bottle, and a big platter of extra long spaghetti that’s meant to be shared….

Fondue: Smooth melty cheese with cubes of crusty bread and crisp apples for dipping, and melted creamy chocolate for dessert, with fresh juicy strawberries to dip

Sushi:  Buttery bite sized morsels of fresh fish, spicy wasabi and warm sake to wash it all down

Surf and turf: A delicate filet with a twice baked potato, along with a buttery lobster tail grilled to perfection with  a crisp salad

Of course, you may have your own idea of Valentine’s food, those are just the main ones on my list. One year, I made homemade pasta and meatballs and we watched Lady and The Tramp as a family Valentine’s celebratory dinner. Other years, I’ve made fondue, sushi and often years, it’s surf and turf.

And, for dessert?

Chocolate Mousse, of course!


To make this: You need quality chocolate: chips or a grated bar. (12 ounces) Heavy Cream, vanilla,powdered sugar, and a pinch of salt.


Melt the chocolate and part of the cream over a double boiler

_DSC4119Beat the cream until stiff peaks form


Gently fold the two mixtures together, and spoon into a pastry bag fitted with a star tip.

_DSC4122Pipe into individual serving dishes, and refrigerate until ready to serve.

So: What’s on your Valentine’s menu?


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