cheesy spinach bake

There is another name for this, Swisstacular Spinach Bake. But, I like the word cheesy better.  And, the other title makes me think it’s all Swiss-y and actually, there’s other cheese in there, too.It calls for 5oz of shredded Swiss cheese, but it’s actually a blend of Swiss and Gruyere.

Speaking of names, I still need to think of a name for those tuna balls. Tuna nuggets? Hmmm.

Anyway, I hope y’all had a nice long weekend.  I was lucky enough to go to Ikea and sleep past 5:30am, so life was good for me.  Oooo- I also bought a big ol’ thing of honey. Yep,highlight of the weekend-foodwise.

Now- spinach is a strange thing… most female adults like it. Most male adults don’t. So weird, I am starting to think Popeye was a transvestite.

Now, if you don’t like spinach you can check out this and this. Because those are good sides, too.

This dish is a great side dish, especially if you like spinach.

If you don’t like spinach, I promise I will have something sweet for you later this week. 😉

But, if you like spinach- go here (it’s all ready to print!)

And, add a dash of garlic powder and a bit of salt and pepper. Heck, maybe hot sauce if you’re felling spicy. Mmm.

And, a huge thanks to my friends at Sargento, who sponsor me in these posts!


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