cheese and bacon potato baskets

These babies are going to replace tater tots and frozen fries with dinner. They’re also going to replace home fries and plain hash browns in the morning…heck, they may even replace mashed potatoes as well. They’re that good. ( Do I need to mention easy, too?!) Oh yeeeesssss!

There’s a reason we need easy side dishes. So we can make complicated main dishes…. no not really, but simple side dishes are great so you can chill out while your main dish is cooking. There is nothing like a glass of wine while your casserole bubbles away. That’s why they invented casseroles & dishwashers. At least, that’s what I think.

Anyway, is it Fall yet? I saw candy corn and plastic bats in the store… and the coffee shop is serving up pumpkin spice coffee and doughnuts. That means it’s almost here. We don’t get any type of seasonal change here, so I have to go by retail stores.And by my kitchen, of course. I have a list of Fall recipes to make my house smell like a thirty dollar Fall candle all week-long.

Back to taters:

This recipe came from Sargento, and it’s as simple as shredded hash browns, and egg, salt/pepper ( I also added some onion powder) and some shredded cheddar cheese.

I was tempted to add an additional egg at first, but trust me- they are perfect with just one. Don’t worry if they seem a little dry at first; because once you add the cheese to the top it melts down through the hash browns making it gooey cheesy comfort food.

This is a perfect dish for a brunch buffet, but I ended up having it with BBQ ribs. I couldn’t help it. Who says hash browns are only for breakfast? 😉




For the printable recipe, simply click here: Cheesy Mini Potato Nests

A special thank you to Sargento Foods for sponsoring this post!

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