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A day on the boat….

If you are one of my regular readers, you know the scoop. We love the sea. Getting out there… away from electronic devices…and traffic…and noise…. ok, not ALL electronics… this tells us where we are at, and how deep. papa Keith at the wheel ( for now…) waiting for the zzzzzzzinnnng… land in…

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a visit to fortune cookie…and sushi-making

They have all sorts of jarred fruits. Look! Mangosteen… I know that one from my health food days! Hello, luck Kitties…I meant to ask the owner the name of these cats, next visit I will. These are fresh king oyster mushrooms… about the size of my forearm! (I wish my hubby liked mushrooms…

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a visit to fortune cookie

fresh dragon fruit… where else can you find that! they even have things for dogs! when my daughter is past the throwing things stage, I’m getting these! I love the pig! You can spend hours in here… the shelves are brimming with exotic things. soy sauce, anyone? There is a fine art to…

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