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caramel apple shortbread bars

Here it is! My first recipe of the Fall… who cares that it’s still 86°F outside? I have my cinnamon broom in the house and orange mums on my front porch, so Fall has arrived in my home. In a few weeks I will soon be unpacking the assorted Halloween decor that I have cherished over the years. And, eventually the humidity and temps will drop.

Until then, I’m going to embrace the harvest with the rest of the world and enjoy all the spicy-apple-pumpkin-caramel goodies that surface this time of year.

DSC_0450I created these especially for my pumpkin-loathing husband. If I made Pumpkin Bars, he’d raise one eyebrow and say… “I don’t care for pumpkin” I know… I think he’s not from this planet sometimes…but, that’s okay, neither am I.

He does enjoy apples and he loves shortbread cookies…

I made these on a gloomy rainy day, and the smell of apples and cinnamon wafting in the house on a day like that oozed coziness when he came home, so I was certainly winning some good wifey points that day. Until I set off the smoke alarm preheating the oven… whoops. Ahhh.. stuff happens.

I think my smoke alarm is just super sensitive sometimes.

That’s my story.



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