cake class III

Ooo, I’m a bit late on this one. Because tonight is my final class for this portion. I can’t wait until next year….level 2-WOO-HOO!

Now I really wish I had gone to culinary school for cooking, instead of college for psychology. Is it too late to change my mind? Hmmm…

Because now, I really want to learn more…not just cake, but everything..

We’ll see what the future has in store. Heck, I could be a granny chef one day. Chef granny has a nice ring to it.

I figure I may be a granny by the time I get to culinary school.

Grannies are cool.

So, I learned how to make some real pretty cupcakes.  It’s all in the wrist-and the tip.

I’m a tip-junkie now. No, not helpful tips- pastry bag tips.

I got all excited the other day when I found left-handed tips. A company after my own heart-errr hand.

We came with naked cupcakes.

My instructor got a picture of me in action.  The girl that sits next to me is super cool, because I can never remember what number tip is what, and she knows her tips.  She… look she’s studying. Me? I’m in butter-cream land.

There is a special tip that can turn plain cupcakes into pregnant ones.

I think that’s cool. Because you know how there is always too much frosting on top of a cupcake, and it’s hard to get a bite with enough for the bottom? Yep, I hate that.

This is the girl across from me. She had some rockin’ colors. Her cupcakes made me think of candy land….mmmm.

There were also some festive ones, too. Mine had a lot of blue, because it’s my stepdaughter’s favorite color.

But, my favorite thing I learned was how to make my cupcakes…..

…look like this.

I solemnly swear that I will never spread frosting on top of a cupcake. I will have fluffy swirls to hold my sprinkles.


ooo, they make me happy.

now, for tonight’s class we are doing a cake. I cannot wait because Friday we have a double-birthday in our house.

I love cakes that have a reason. 🙂

Hey! I saw Santa. He was undercover with Mrs Claus at a tree lighting.

I’m a little disappointed Mrs. Claus smokes.

But, they were off duty, so I guess it’s okay….see…right there on the right. He is the one with the Santa hat on. In the chair. It was Santa. I promise.

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