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Butter Chicken~ (n) : A savory, spicy concoction of Indian spices in a creamy coconut sauce, that makes me wonder why it’s called butter chicken since there really is not that much butter in it to merit a word in the title of the recipe.butter chicken

Mmmmm, Butter Chicken.

It took me close to ten years to introduce this to my husband.

However: I  have  had “Butter Chicken” on my weekly-monthly-want-to-make list forever. Well, about ten years, but: who’s counting? Oh wait. Me. I’m counting.

I’m counting a lot these days. Now, I am down to a count down. But: that will be another post. The timer is set, and the waiting has begun.



Back to Butter Chicken: I’m not sure why it’s called butter chicken. I’m sure I can Google it, and yes, there is butter in it. I just think something with “butter” in the title should have butter  all over it, Paula Deen style. “Smothered in butter butter chicken” oh yes, now that would be really … ummm buttery.

I got this recipe from All Recipes, actually it was in the magazine (I’m old fashioned, I love me a good magazine!) But, since y’all may not have the magazine, I created a link for you.

Butter Chicken









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