blueberry cobbler and a growing family (again)…

Summertime… and this is one of my absolute favorite things during this time of year.

As I’m typing this, I’m dying my hair red.

Of course, blue would be a much more appropriate shade for this post- but: red it is. I was borderline going blonde again, my my husbands ex wife was blonde and he said “absolutely not”. You know they mean business when there’s an “absolutely” in front of it.

His saying no had nothing to do with her, however. She’s actually a very dear friend of mine, and I have nothing but warmth and love for her. It simply had to do with the fact he likes the red. I’m rambling.. I know.

Today is a hot summer day, we spent the morning doing yard work, (hubby mowed, I weeded) and now I’m dying my hair while the youngest naps, and I’m buying some time with an episode or two of Paw Patrol for the others while I wait on my dye job. Of course, my two year old just came up and stuck her finger in my gooey damp hair… which led me on a foot chase to wipe her finger before she made her mark in the world.

I have exactly 9 minutes left.

I probably won’t get back to this post before the day is done, but I’m sure that will mean there will be a few more stories to share.

In a few days, we are adding to our family once again… but it’s not what you might think. Yes, there will be overnight feedings, formula and probably a bit of stress; but we won’t have to ever say goodbye to these little ones that are joining us. Which, is a wonderful feeling indeed.

Of course, I’ll be sharing photos and stories, and y’all will get to come on this journey from day one.

And: here I am, back again after a whirlwind of a weekend. Yes I did my hair, red- but then “plans” for our additions had changed and they were ready to go home a day early. So: “nesting” began once more, there was formula to get, fresh laundry to wash, and a cozy spot to be made.

Luckily, these two seem to be eating every four hours instead of the usual three; so I still got a few decent hours of sleep in a row. And, of course- everyone is in love. The kids think they are a little “weird” (toddlers speak what they think, that’s for certain!) looking, but I assured them that soon they will be as beautiful as can be.

Anyway, I have lots to catch up on while they nap, so I’m closing this post out with my favorite summertime dessert/breakfast/treat.

Have blessed day, folks!




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