beer cheese fondue

beer-cheese fondue (v)-  Go dust off your fondue pot. You’re going to want to make this!

I will admit this: I have had a fondue pot for years, and never used it. Until now. And, now both the hubby and I decided we need to do fondue more at home. Especially since our fondue restaurant closed- not that we went there often. It was pretty pricey. And, we’re cheap thrifty.

I am totally going to do an at home fondue three course meal next week.  But, today I’ll start with the appetizer.

Beer+ cheese = bliss

I also have to say, I had a hard time deciding what to dip in the cheese, other than the usuals. My dear sweet facebook friends came through with awesome suggestions.

Social networking is funny. Sometimes is can be so mean and gossipy…. then, other times it makes you realize that most of the people out there really are awesome.

I’m glad the peeps I interact with there are awesome.

This is beer. You bring it to a boil before you add the cheeses…. silly me did it on the stove. Turns out, I could have done it on the fondue pot burner.

I did a little trick I remember from the fondue restaurant, too. I rubbed a raw garlic clove on the inside of the pot. Mmmm.

This recipe can’t be easier. You take three types of cheese:

shredded cheddar cheese

shredded colby-jack cheese

and  shredded Swiss cheese

mix em with some cornstarch, and add to the beer.

Add a few seasonings… and you’re done.

Why have I slaved over appetizers when all I ever had to do was melt cheese with beer?!

Seriously, folks: today happens to be Friday. Go garage sale-ing tomorrow- you’re bound to find a fondue pot. Unless the people that are going to have the yard sale read this. Uh-oh. Then they won’t be selling it.

Oh well.

Chances are, there’s one in your attic or basement.

Probably from the people that used to own the home before you…  😉

This was a recipe I found from Sargento. It’s all ready to print out here: beer cheese fondue

I happened to cut my recipe in half because it serves 8.

Now I have extra cheese to make this again. Yippeeee!



special thanks to Sargento cheeses for the opportunity to make this post happen.

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