Arepas are one of my favorite “fair” foods. Whenever there is a fair or festival around here, there is always an Arepa stand. What’s an arepa, you ask? It’s a grilled corn patty filled with cheese. Mmmm…. think grilled cheese meets hush puppy.  There are tons of variations- I have learned… they can really be filled with anything. I also learned that I ned practice to make them “perfect” and they are addicting to make. Like macarons. Hmmm…what is it with me and filled things? Should I start to analize my cooking habits….sometimes psychology can go too far….lol.

First thing you need is this: Precooked corn meal. I like the lady on the front. I bet she makes some mean Arepas in her cartoon land.

mix 2 cups with some Adobo seasonig (1-2tsp) and 3 cups boiling water. Mix well to remove lumps and let it sit for 10-15 minutes.

I ♥ my biscuit cutter- I swear I have used this baby more in the past month… he has a good life.

Try for 3/4″ thick and 2-3″diameter cutter. Or, you can shape by hand. Mine were a bit thin-(hence I need more practice)

Bake in a 400°F oven for 10-15 min. They should s kinda hollow.

once cool enough to handle, split em in half- if needed scoop out some middle and stupp with sliced mozzarella cheese. Or black beans, or shredded chicken and green chiles, or anything else you fancy.

these are great breakfast grab n go treats. Mmmm. Enjoy!!!

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