kitchen failure

So… yesterday when I wrote about my kitchen, I also wrote about how I was going to make a quick bread. I had a recipe, somewhere… but couldn’t find it- so I decided to do my best with my memory. Bad idea.

You see, baking soda and baking powder always confuse me…do they do that to you, too?

Well, yesterday I completely blanked on which to use… so I just used both.  Bad idea.

For future reference:

baking soda: (bicarbonate of soda) An alkaline powder that can be used to tenderize tough vegetable leaves, and is also used to leaven cake batters that contain an acid ingredient.

baking powder: A combination af an alkali and ans acid. It is used for  raising cakes, cookies,  and biscuits.

Okay. So I guess when in doubt go for the powder.


I think they should teach baking chemistry in high school.  That’s what would happen if the chemistry teacher married the home economics teacher, you know…

So… this is how my bread came out:

Nice, huh?

In case you were wondering; it was supposed to be cherry-almond.

In case you were wondering it ended up being under-burnt. Yep. I created a whole new oxy-moron kitchen term with this.

Burnt on the outside, gooey- raw on the inside.

Oh yes, my friends. I completely failed not only at this but at this post!!!

It was published 10 hours before I even was informed of the lack of visual evidence of my failure.

Man, sometimes it’s hard being a human. 😉









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