A nice dinner….

Remember last week, when I just couldn’t think of what to do for dinner? We all have those days, those are the days we usually resort to:  tacos, burgers, frozen pizza or pasta.  Junk foods at their finest.  Well, anyway… my birthday rolled around and my sweet family surprised me:

How sweet… my hubby knows how much I adore cake. I should have known something was up when he NEEDED to go to the store Sunday afternoon. I’m a lucky girl. Anyway, I wanted to make a big ol’ pot roast that day. But, things happen. We ended up in Ft Lauderdale way longer than expected, you see there is this HUGE aquarium store there… really folks, it’s like going to a aquatic zoo. They have a shark as big as me and an eel as big as my hubby.  Well, we got home a little late for pot roast.  So, we grilled pork chops. And ate cake. Yum.

I love my family. I don’t show too many pics of my stepdaughter… mainly because  she is older- and I like to have her mothers ok beforehand. But, her mother hasn’t been around in such a long time…it’s a shame.

Back to dinner! So, the next day I went to pick up a nice pot roast, but got kinda grossed out by the fat in it. So I ended up with a nice London broil.  You wanna hear something funny? I have NEVER broiled meat before. I only used my broiler for browning the tops of things and melting cheese. Yeah, how un-domestic, huh? Maybe I should be the “almost-domestic” mama? So after extensive research google-ing broiling London broil , I found instructions. But, first my marinade:

In a Ziploc, (or other zip-top bag) I threw in some:

balsamic vinegar




black pepper

olive oil

finely chopped onions

splash of red wine

I really wish I had EXACT measurements. I am one of those cooks that does a bit and a dash and a glob.

But, fortunately, for marinades- it really can’t go too wrong as long as you use sense and don’t put say, 1 cup of garlic or something… I figure y’all know that already.

Now let that sit for 4hrs. Put it on a rack, in a pan. Preheat your broiler to high.

If your roast is 1″ thick (like mine) cook it 3″ away from heat for 6min the 1st side- flip it and cook 8 more minutes. Yep-I may not ALWAYS measure- but I do keep track of time.  Let it sit about 7-10 min and cut into thin slices. I really enjoyed my birthday knife carving this.

mmm… I served it with mashed potatoes, and for the life of me- I cannot remember what veggie. Man! Too early, I think. This officially became my hubby’s 3rd favorite meal, and my stepdaughter’s 2nd. So, I will be making it again. I love my oven broiler.

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