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thrift scores part one….

I don’t know about you, but I love thrift shopping. Here in South Florida, we seem to have the BEST stuff…. I know because I used to date a guy, and for vacations we would take road trips across the country to thrift shop. And camp. Those were the days….


Things we have found recently have included:


All Too Well Taylor Swift scarf; $2.99 Those of you that know, YOU KNOW. Those of you that might not know, this scarf is highly coveted item from Taylor Swift’s merch line. It goes with a song entitled All Too Well, and if you haven’t heard it, go listen to it- but only the ten minute version, please. One of my favorite things to do is play it in the car when my maps tell me something is ten minutes away.


Bob Mackie embroidered Jacket $2.99 -50% off

I’m still deciding to save or sell this. I love the detailed embroidery and the 70’s vintage style it has… but I’m just not sure how I would wear it. Hmmmm


This is a little stackable bento/noodle bowl. Each level is separate compartments. I LOVE this so much. It’s going to be my go for my next Pho or ramen fix. It was pricey considering no name brand, etc.at $3.99


This is GORGEOUS. I cannot even look at it because it transports me to holiday time and I imagine it filled with delicious Christmas cookies and treats, iced sugar cookies, homemade fudge and rum balls. Then, I visualize it at a Valentine’s tea party holing delicate sandwiches without crusts cut into tiny diamond shapes. It’s just such a royal, rich sultry red glass. Super happy I found it .. for 99 CENTS.


Speaking of RED, it’s definitely rare to find Taylor Swift CDs, but we did. I made a TikTok about it, too.


I have a collection of these Russian nesting dolls. I’m always amazed to find one with everything together. Often, they are missing a doll or two. This was $4.99, which was a spurge- but upon further inspection I saw that it was, in fact authentic so I got it.


Then I saw this.

Hand carved, twelve dolls. Total score. It was very pricy… (considering thrift) at $9.99

This wraps up part one of thrift scores- all of these were not found on the same day or at the same store, for that matter. these were recent finds from over several weeks. Often times, I’ll pop in a shop and come out empty handed. And that’s fine, too. Something about thrifting is the surprise in it all, it’s not like going to the mall and seeing multiple of everything, row after row. I love the element of surprise thrifting holds, and the prices- well, they can’t be beat.

Do you like thrifting?

What’s the best thing you found?

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