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fried green tomatoes

  Call it a midlife crisis or a middle of the night idea.. but I have been drawn to the old recipes lately. The recipes that not many people eat, much less prepare these days. The forgotten, tattered and yellowing bits of paper with handwritten ingredient lists, speckled with stains… from distant relatives…

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san fransisco rice and other hot messes

Hello there, carby, starchy side dish. Who ever thought of combining pasta and rice? It’s kind of like combining soup and stew. But; manohman it sure is tasty. I made this the other week when we were “rowing” our Five In A Row book of Grandfather’s Journey. In the book, the chronicles of…

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hasselback potatoes

These are my hubby’s new favorite, which rocks because they are sooooo easy to make. Woo-hoo! I am dying to try them with sweet potatoes, if I can cut them…hmmmm. Sweet potatoes are a bit tough to cut sometimes. Don’t you think? They’re called hasselback , and all you need is two wooden…

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