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san fransisco rice and other hot messes

Hello there, carby, starchy side dish. Who ever thought of combining pasta and rice? It’s kind of like combining soup and stew. But; manohman it sure is tasty. I made this the other week when we were “rowing” our Five In A Row book of Grandfather’s Journey. In the book, the chronicles of…

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corn dog muffins

Your kids will love these. Don’t have kids? That’s okay… you will love them, too. You don’t love them? That’s okay, too… your dog will be in heaven. No dog? Your cat will paw at it, chase it and eventually eat it on your pillow at 3:42 am. And, probably puke at 4:21am….

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homemade spaghetti Os

Spaghetti-O’™s are one of those quintessential american kid food. Up there with mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, and of course, PB&J. Unfortunately, so many “kids foods” are laden with… well, crap. I’m not a fan of entire meals from a box or a can, and I really try to create from…

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