skillet breakfast

skillet breakfast~ total country girl food

This breakfast reminded me of something that you’d eat at a ranch house, or a cabin, or on a farm or something… maybe because it’s cooked in a skillet? Maybe because it’s home-y. I’m not sure…it just reminded me of something that would be served  by a lady in an apron, fresh off a cast iron skillet and plated  on Blue Willow dinnerware. Heck, there may even be a cowboy there, better yet.. three broke down muscle cars with a couch and a TV with rabbit ears on the porch. No… let’s make that a log cabin, with a big garden, a pet pig, goat and cow, four chickens and several dogs. Wait. Add a horse, too. And, no TV. 🙂 and, the couch on the porch will be a nice swing instead. There. Anyways…..

I myself, however… cooked it up in my non stick skillet, wearing a bikini top and sarong.

What can I say? I’m modern! (but, at least I got the plate right.)

Now, to make this… wait!

I’m going to have you guys use your imagination while reading this. Because I totally have to describe this country-style breakfast in a country style way. So, let me irritate my spell check and channel my inner country girl write this post as “Lula-Mae Poe”.

“Naw, ya’ll gotta git you some taters’. Get the red ‘uns if you can. Y’all might jest even find ’em all cooked up fer you in a bag at yer grocery store.  Now go on and dice em up like this:”

“Cook ’em up real good now. ‘N go ahead ‘n add some bacon ‘er ham to it. Whatever breakfast meat ya’ fancy. Sumthin’ smoky ‘n salty, you know? I used me a bunch of bacon. That’ll do yer.”

“Now, you go ahead n git you sum eggs. You know… the chicken ones.”

Crack em right dere over yer taters and breakfast meat.”

“Dere now. Y’all go ahead ‘n let that dere cook up real good, den y’all go on ‘n put yourself sum cheese on it. You know, my men folk love them sum shredded Colby Jack cheese. If-un I ever have twin boys, I fin to name one Colby n the other one Jack. ” That’s fittin'”


“Go ahean ‘n git yerself sum of these here vittles. They taste real good ‘n stick to yer ribs till supper is served.”

I hope you enjoyed my channeling of Lula Mae.  For the record, I do know how to spell. 😉

For the recipe all ready to print, head over here: Skillet breakfast

As always, a special thanks to Sargento foods for supporting this post.

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