pork chops with broccoli and creamy cheddar horseradish sauce

This is another recipe I snagged off the Sargento site, to use up some more cheddar cheese I had in my fridge. It happens to be buy one get one this week at my supermarket, so I say woo-hoo to that. We need more free stuff with all the economy drama.

Don’t you think?

Me too.

Now- let me tell you about this recipe: MAKE IT!

My family was “iffy” about the horseradish in there, and I was a little worried myself about the “too-easy” sounding directions.

10 minutes? No saucepan to make a sauce? 3 ingredients? Really? Really.

I will tell you this: this is going to be my “new” time crunch cheese sauce. It’s that good- and the horseradish? You don’t even taste it- it just accentuates the sharpness of the Cheddar. It was amazing.  And, look at that thick, creaminess- ! (Insert big hearts)

Now, how I made mine….

I brined my pork chops first, by soaking them for an hour in 2 qut water, 1/4 c salt, 1/4 c sugar 1 tsp garlic, 1 tsp pepper. I soaked them for about an hour and a half. This wasn’t “part” of the Sargento recipe, but… I wanted to make sure I told you exactly how I did mine.

I also burned a grilled cheese that evening.

It had to do with getting caught up watching highlights of the royal wedding. Was it just me-or was that 2nd kiss kinda lame? Not that I want to see them making out…but, it just seemed “tight”. Then he said, “That’s it-no more!” Umm, if I were her…well, I’m not her (happily) so I will leave it at that. I like how my prince gives me smooches.

Back to this amazing sauce:

You will need a bowl.

There’s another ingredient.

And, that’s it. Sometimes the simplest things make amazing thongs. * this is a typo. A reader found it, and it made us both laugh- so it stayed. đŸ˜‰

Here is a link to the recipe that’s all ready for you to print out. (Less typing for me, lol!)

Pork Chops With Broccoli & Creamy Cheddar Horseradish  Sauce

and, a huge thank to Sargento cheese for supporting this post.

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