pesto chicken paninnis

There is something to be said about sandwiches..and how if you slap anything between two slices of bread- it can instantly become a meal.

Well, not anything… let’s keep it to food products. I’m sure there was someone out there thinking of motor oil and tires & how that clearly cannot be placed between bread. But, I’m pretty confidant that most food items, when paired properly- can be placed between bread and work harmoniously.

Like this one for instance:

chicken, pesto, roasted red peppers & ultra-thin Colby jack cheese.

You know you want one.  😉

The best part~ you don’t have to go “all Martha” and make your own pesto or roast your own peppers. Heck. You don’t even have to kill your own chicken.

But… you do have to try this cheese. Seriously. Booty-friendly at only 40 calories a slice. And, full of gooey melty goodness that only cheese can create.

They just came out with it. Now you can eat two grilled cheeses and not feel guilty.

I have been searching for a reason to eat two all these years….

But, don’t let the booty friendly cheese deter you from making this for the men folk in your life: It’s a total man sandwich. I texted my Instagram pic to my man & he showed it to his fishing buddies…. I’m not too sure why he showed off a sandwich picture. Hmmm…

I bet this is how it went:

Hey, wanna see my wife’s sandwich?

I have a feeling they were thinking of something else. Just maybe.

If you’d like to make these in real life so you can send pics to your special someone via your smarty-pants phone simply go here: Pesto Chicken and Cheese Paninni it’s all ready for you to print or save in your recipe box. 🙂

A special thanks to Sargento cheese for supporting this post. All opinions expressed are my own.



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