Oooo. Now, I am getting excited.

It’ s supposed to be 86° the next few days…

I know that’s summer for a lot of y’all.

It’s  fall to me.


That makes me want to whip up a batch of these:

Yum. Cocoa spiderweb bites.

Oh yeah, they’re booty friendly, too. True story.

Something fragrant and hearty  for a fall breakfast….

Mmmm, gingerbread scones. Oh yeah- these are AWESOME with that cozy cup of spiced cider…

Okay, I admit… it’s not cool enough to actually want a hot beverage  past 6am….

and, I still can’t bust out my favorite brown sweater that has a tiny hole I keep meaning to stitch up…

and, I can’t wear my new boots I bought in July. (they were on sale..)

and, I am nowhere near putting on a pair of jeans.

But, for this little Florida gal… I will take any little bit of a  break from high-humidity-face-melting-sweaty-thick-air-unbearable-heat of peak summer.

Remember these? Definitely not booty friendly… but who cares? It’s Halloween….


31 days, to be exact.


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