Most of y’all know- I was GM of a Natural Foods/Supplement store for 15 years. Back then, there was a handful of people that knew what essential oils were, much less what Aromatherapy meant.

Today, you can’t go far without someone telling you “there’s an oil for that” or seeing a social media post promoting the latest kit.

And; I have to admit. I have always loved oils, back when there were only a few reputable brands.. I’d mix my own concoctions and people would always ask: “What smells so good?” But; with all the recent hype there are a lot of companies out there to make a buck. Kind of like the knock off t-shirts a block away from the concert, there are oil peddlers, too.

There are ways to tell in an oil is less than superior ; cost is usually the first culprit, followed by ingredient listings and wording. You need to know if it’s pure, blended, extracted, distilled, therapeutic, tested, it’s origin… the list goes on and who really wants to do all that?

So; there are brands whose reputation and oil speak for themselves.

Simply Earth is one of them.

But: their program is not multi level, their program is not going to hurt your co worker’s feelings if you don’t buy their stuff….

This program is fun.

Not only do they offer single oils and essential oil blends at reasonable prices- they offer a unique concept: “Recipe Boxes”

In these recipe boxes you get ingredients to make your own natural products; and actual recipe cards to follow. In my recipe box, I received the fixings for my own homemade detergent, spray cleaner, stain remover, and diffusing blend.